Why Go to Korea?

Welcome back! So, today I thought I would talk about why I decided to go to South Korea. 

Maybe I’m the only one, but whenever I tell people I want to go to South Korea they always give me a strange look and an imaginary question mark appears over their heads. Perhaps it’s because there are countries like England and France that seem to be staples in any college student’s travel plans or because China and Japan are the only eastern countries that come to mind. Whatever the reason, I usually have to explain my choice in destination. So, here are my reasons for going to Asia’s hidden gem:

  1. K-Pop
    • I am going to be honest, I am a fan of K-Pop. I first heard of the genre in my freshman year of high school. Those were the days of Panic at the Disco and teenage angst and I could not understand why anyone would listen to Asian boys singing in a language no one could understand. I know, so presumptuous. If only I knew. I was reintroduced to K-Pop my first semester of college and fell in love. The production quality and meaningful lyrics of BTS’ “I Need U” sealed the deal. From then on, I wanted to learn more about this country I had never paid much attention to.
  2. Travel
    • I have done quite a bit of travel in my twenty-some years of living. I have visited Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. However, I have never set foot in the East, nor had I ever considered it. I figured what better place to start my acquaintance with Asia than the home of my oppas? I want to know South Korea as more than the place of beautiful skin care and great music. The minimal knowledge I have of the history is intriguing and the language has been fun to learn so far. I am excited to learn and immerse myself in a completely new culture and I can’t wait for the culture shock!

So there you have it, my reasons for going to South Korea! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about that. Tune in next week to hear about learning Korean!

Next Week: Teaching Myself Korean Has Been… Interesting… 



Annyeong! Welcome to Heart & Seoul. Here you can find almost everything to be known about studying abroad, specifically in South Korea. Follow me on my journey to studying abroad, from pre-departure prep to coming home.

So, to start off, let me introduce my self. My name is CurlieKoo! I am a rising sophomore at AnyU. I am currently in the process of applying to Sogang University through my school’s study abroad office. Sogang University is in Seoul: South Korea’s capital city. It is one of South Korea’s best universities and it is known for its Korean Language Program.

I plan to go to Sogang during Fall 2018, which is the first semester of my junior year. In South Korea, the school year starts in March and ends in December so I will be attending during the second half of the year. I plan to be staying in Gongaza Hall, the only dormitory on campus. It houses many of the school’s foreign exchange students.

Now, at this point, you’re probably asking why I want to study in South Korea. Many people do when I tell them. I have a couple of reasons for going, which I will explain in detail in my next post. In short, I have grown to love the Korean culture and would love to learn more about it. I am also an extensive traveler, but I have never been to anywhere in Asia. Talk to you next week at Heart & Seoul!

Next Week: Why Go to Korea? Cont.